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  vivo label  


latest releases by Zenial:


  / avant laptop noise /

sunset (short) ' 2001
pi x pi (cut)  ' 2002
papa dance zx  ' 2003
P.S            ' 2002

sunset (short)  & pi x pi (cut)   :
both pieces base on using text files and the others (drivers) as the supreme

papa dance zx   :
composed on a basic sounds from the digital record (easy  "multimedia "
application for zx spectrum computers) from analog vinyl LP of "Ponizej
krytyki " by Papa Dance
Papa Dance were ones of the first in poland who used multimedia and created
a software (for fans) available for recording on a tape casette (from vinyl)
and run on zx spectrum computers; last (beat) sound by Andrew Duke (previous
arranged as mini remix of Zenial's short motive)

P.S   : Roel Meelkop remix of Zenial's sounds 2002

all music by ZENIAL (LUKASZ SZALANKIEWICZ) from Palsecam
ORDER from :



Zenial - {hi pi cdr ep}
avant hip hop & noisy electronics

published on Simlog / January 2004