Unusual music speaks in Whispers From Behind The Window as communicated by Poland's Nemezis. Intriguingly dark without delving into horror show theatrics or roughness.
Slithery breezes stir behind the Yellow Ghost On The Balcony which shifts to something like a phantom-rhumba etched by odd organic goings-on. Dreamy layers of soft synth reverberations and occasional guitar-born strands glimmer in resonant streams of Chrom (5:06). Brooding with cavernous swells, Wow is more atmosphere than music, populated by subaudible murmurs and murky clamor.Spectral energies hover and thrum in the darkly sparkling nighttime skies of Wislosiarki as gleaming rays sometimes pierce the droning spaciousness; a
bit of science-fiction-flick spoken word isn't too intrusive. Bassy impulses and rhythmic pattering create an anticipatory mood as Two Tricky Girls In My Room begins a spooky-synth jam, accompanied by brassy slurs and feminine laughter. Closing number Zapachbryzi (7:34) drifts upon a wavering bed of toneclouds from which muffled voices, shining plumes and pianoesque notes emerge, along with lightly ruffling grit end slowly evolving beats. 10 tracks/60 minutes from Lukas Pawlak and Maciej Staniecki... Nemezis will be a new friend to experimentronically-minded listeners who want something
low-key yet satisfyingly dank. Nearly abstract soundscenes are heard like Whispers From Behind The Window. B
Emanating from Poland are new sounds from vivo records.